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Free Estimate (with repair)
If customers do want the item to be repaired, House call service fee will be waived.
Customers only pay low amount of house call fee if you decide not to have the unit fixed after
receiving an estimate.   

No need to carry around big screen TV searching for repair center.

Give Us A Call Today!
Let us come to your location, we will provide Quick Diagnosis,
Competitive Rates, and Highest Quality Service.
We also provide ‘express’ same-day-service based on customer’s
special request.
TV Repair Service
Installation service
Big Screen Service, House Call Service
TV - Video - Stereo - DVD & more...
Hook Up & Installing Service

Welcome to the web site of Awake TV.
Awake TV Service specializes in Plasma TV, DLP, LCD, LED, Projections,
Big Screen, CRT.  
We are dedicated to provide excellent, timely service to the customers, and to
provide the highest quality service at competitive prices.
CRT and Big Screen TV
LCD Projection
LCD, Plasma TV
Laser Tv
Tel  :     408 - 625 - 7383
           650 - 960 - 0900
Fax :    650 - 967 - 1213

MON to FRI   9:00 ~ 6:30
        9:00 ~ 1:00
Sunday and Major holidays are closed
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