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In Home service (House Call)

Our skilled Technician will come to your location for diagnosis and estimate.

< TV >
Following flat rate will be charged for trouble shooting and travel cost.

$50.00   :  30"~50"   Big Screen TV / LCD Projection / DLP Projection (most city)
                All projection tv under 51"
$55~$95 : 51" or bigger size

$85~$135    :   Plasma TV,
 Fees vary by size & Condition of tv installed
$50~$95      :   LCD (LED) Flat Panel TV,  Fees vary by size & Condition of tv installed

<Other Electronic Devices>
Please call for detail.

  • You only pay above charge(s) if you decide not to have the unit fixed
    after receiving an estimate.   See more
  • If you do want the item to be repaired, the above service fee will be
    waived.   See more

Hook up & Installing service

Minimum Trip charge $50~$95 plus time base (it covers first 20 minutes).

Carry In

Recommended bring it in for LCD tvs and Monitors.
You can save cost of diagnosis,estimate fee will wave to repair costs.
Please call for detail.
We can not  make estimate over the phone.
Estimates are made only after device(s) fully diagnosed.
Customer need to pay for house call fee even thought there is no problem with units.
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